PReview: GoGo Pillow

ImageHere it is! The infamous $20 cushy tablet-holder in the form of a pillow that you’ve seen about every ten minutes on television. According to the GoGo Pillow’s official website (,

The GoGo Pillow works on any surface and works as a backpack so you can take your tablet with you, enabling you to use your tablet comfortably wherever you are.

Thanks to the nifty straps on the back, it also straps onto the back of a car seat for movie-watching for long car rides. According to the infomercial, it does even more. If you roll up the GoGo Pillow, it turns into a comfy travel neck pillow. All of this sounds too good to be true from a simple slotted pillow, but we’ll soon find out.


Ordering can be quite a hassle, and honestly, it sort of comes out as a scam. On the infomercial, they offer you two pillows, just for extra shipping and handling. What they don’t tell you is, you can’t buy just one pillow. You’re required to pay the extra s&h for the second pillow, even if you don’t want one. 

I could not find the GoGo Pillow on Amazon last week, and so it seems the only way to actually get one is through the website itself. For both pillows, it comes out to be $40, but it was the only deal I could get, so I took it. 

Also, you can’t mix and match the colors of your pillows. When you order, it asks you how many sets you want, and of each color. Luckily, I caught this and only selected one set of one color. However, if you didn’t notice this, it’s very easy to accidentally order two sets of pillows (four GoGos total). They also do not give you the total until after you pay for the pillows, and — if you ordered two sets of two different colors — that would be $80. In my opinion, four GoGo pillows and only one tablet for eighty bucks is a total scam. I haven’t looked into the refund policy yet, but based on angry reviews online, I’m pretty sure there isn’t one.

GoGo’s Claim To Fame…Doesn’t Feel Real?

Let’s face it. We all have some doubts about this baby-sized pillow we’re entrusting our coverless tablets with. Because it does so many things, I’m feeling a little worried myself. Sure, $20 a GoGo isn’t cheap, but for being used for so many purposes, it might be cheaply made, and I’m not sure I want to put my tablet where I put my money. If the slits that are supposed to hold the tablet are in reality very loose, it’s a no-brainer that the tablet will probably slip out and break. Or, if the straps on the pillow aren’t well sewed on, the whole pillow could fall off the car seat and the tablet would end up scratched or worse. I’ll let you know if my suspicions are confirmed or (hopefully) destroyed once my pillows come in the mail.

PReview Conclusion

On the infomercial, the GoGo Pillow looks absolutely amazing, and probably a miracle product for the people like me that like to surf the web in bed. But the fact they aren’t sold anywhere else yet and scammy-seeming ordering may turn the GoGo into a big fat NoNo. I can’t be positive yet though, so I’ll let you know once I get the pillow in the mail.

Fingers crossed for luck!




7 thoughts on “PReview: GoGo Pillow

    • of course Melyndah! I was dubious too, but hopefully it’ll arrive quickly so I can fully update my review.

  1. Yes, it is a scam. They make it so confusing that you can easily made mistake ordering and never can get the order cancelled.

    • Thank you for contributing. I have looked into their refund policy and have found no way to “back out” if you accidentally order a second set of pillows. I will keep you updated!

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